Performance Improvement Training Courses

LRQA provides a number of training solutions tailored to meet your needs and to ensure that you get the most out of your quality management systems.

Problem Solving Tools and Techniques
You need this course if you are seeking to more effectively use the corrective and preventive processes to drive improvement within your organisation.

Management System Documentation
You need this course if you want to document your management systems using simple, effective practical tools and techniques.

Leading and Managing Change
Register for this workshop if you are one of the change champion in your organisation and want to understand the change management process, its organisational impact, its benefits and success factors.

Improving Your Audit System
Learn how to develop and manage effective internal audit programs that support your business.

Facilitating Risk-based Auditing
You need this course if you are looking to develop a risk-based thinking approach to audit planning.

Effective Performance Measurement
You need this course if you want to improve your organisation’s approach to developing and using performance measurement.