Overview of Data Analytics


Data Analytics is the journey from “Confusion to Conclusion” by use of Data. It is important for Organisations to use data and arrive at meaningful and actionable insights indicative of problem or opportunity and take decision predictively. This one day course will help participants to appreciate the importance of Data Analytics and the role it plays in decision making in organizations. The course will help participants to get an overview of Data Analytics as a structured approach, the steps followed therein and the tools used to arrive at insights.

You Need the Course if:

  • You have heard a lot about Data Analytics and want to understand what it is
  • You want to understand the role Data Analytics plays in decision making within an Organisation, the benefit it brings and how it can be used in your Organisation
  • You want to know the steps performed and tools & techniques used in Data Analytics

You will learn: 

  • Basics of Data Analytics, its application scope within an Organisation 
  • Steps involved in Data Analytics and overview of tools and techniques used

You will need: 

  • To be graduate or undergoing graduation in any discipline with knowledge of computers

Your Future Development: 

  • Getting Started on Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics Using Data Mining

Course Length: 

One Day

Delivery Mode: 

Classroom coaching & live examples

Classroom size: 



At least 60% marks in the qualifying Class-room test

In house/Company Training:

This course can be delivered as an in-company event for those organisations which are practicing or desirous of rolling out Six Sigma. This can be taken up by those organizations also which want to implement disciplined Problem Solving approach for Organizational improvement.

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