LRQA Training Courses

LRQA training courses equip you with critical skills needed to design, implement and maintain your management system to meet the requirements of a broad range of standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Acquire skills to be a competent Internal Auditor, to qualify as a Lead Auditor or to convert your existing auditing skills to use with a new standard.

LRQA training courses are led by trained and qualified tutors. Many of our courses are endorsed by relevant professional bodies and the content is based on our experience of assessing management systems worldwide.

We offer both public and in-company training events including customised training solutions. We have also introduced multi-disciplinary training, which is ideal for companies as they merge their various management systems for greater efficiency. Whether you are responsible for auditing your quality, environment or health and safety management system, we have the courses which will enable you to integrate your systems.

In-house training

LRQA’s in-company training solutions provide your organisation with bespoke courses enabling you to address specific needs or circumstances. Our trainers engage the participants and are focused on the objectives of the training. As practicing assessors, they have in-depth knowledge of the type of problems and issues you face daily. They use the latest thinking, real experiences and practical models to ensure that everything you learn can be transferred back to the workplace.

Public training

We also run a range of training courses open to delegates from a variety of organisations. This can be a highly cost effective way to target training for a handful of individuals who need to develop specific areas of expertise. In addition, we can provide distance learning initiatives in the areas of quality management and quality assurance.

Online Training

LRQA offers a range of online safety training courses for organizations and individuals looking to build on their knowledge of occupational health and safety. These courses offer the content and quality of traditional classroom training programs, without the travel expense and inconvenience. To know more please contact us or send us a request for information.

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