Management Systems Certification

Accredited certification of your management systems by LRQA to recognised national or international standards - such as ISO and key sector standards - gives you a credible means of addressing stakeholder concerns. Robust management systems have proven to be valuable business tools in managing risk, bringing consistency to global operations, delivering change and driving improvement.

LRQA assessors will audit your management system to show that it meets the requirements of your chosen standard or scheme. At the end of the visit they will typically provide you with an assessment report including an executive summary giving you the means to continually improve your management systems. Following successful assessment, you will be awarded a certificate.

When your organisation achieves approval to a standard such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, you are known as 'approved', 'registered' or 'certified' and the certificate that we issue will include an approval mark, which shows we have been accredited to carry out the assessment.

Standards and schemes we certify against