Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS 2007)

What is Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)? 

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) provides a trustworthy, robust global standard for voluntary carbon offsets. 

Interest in VCS continues to grow and is driven by companies and individuals who choose to voluntarily buy carbon credits and contribute to more sustainable economic development. 

LRQA is an UN-accredited Designated Operational Entity (DOE) and an authorised Validation/Verification Body (VVB) able to validate proposed VCS emission reduction projects and verify carbon credits known as Verified Carbon Units or VCUs. 

Why choose LRQA? 

We have supported the VCS since its inception and authored the VCS 2007 standard We have a global network of experts available We commit to a mutually agreed  time and team plan so work is completed smoothly 

How can LRQA help? 

We are accredited to provide:

  • Validation services – LRQA evaluates your project description documentation against VCS requirements, enabling you to register your project with the VCS Project Database.
  • Verification services – LRQA assures that your project’s reported data and information on your emission reductions are accurate so VCUs issuance can be requested.
Some recent achievements:
  • LRQA has been a Designated Operational Entity (DOE) since 2006.
  • LRQA was the first DOE in South Asia to certify emission reduction under the UN’s CDM PoA framework.
  • LRQA was a founding member of the Designated Operational Entities and Independent Entities Association (DIA) and its current Vice President.