BRC Global Standard for Packaging

What is the BRC global standard - packaging?

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and The Institute of Packaging (now known as The Packaging Society) jointly developed this Technical Standard to assist retailers and food manufacturers in meeting their legal obligations. A key aim of this standard was to help in protecting the consumer by providing a common basis for the evaluation of companies supplying packaging for food products to retailers.

What are the benefits of the BRC global standard - packaging?

Approval to the BRC global standard - packaging gives significant benefits to the supplier. It helps to avoid the confusion and disruption that multiple audits can bring and the need to duplicate variations on the same data for different clients.

BRC global standard - packaging benefits with LRQA Business Assurance

Evaluation process - The BRC standard requires an evaluation process to be undertaken by an independent third party organisation. With over a decade of experience in the food sector, LRQA is well placed to provide a comprehensive service.

Review - The BRC scheme visits involve detailed review of the manufacturing processes for specific products with particular emphasis on product safety and due diligence practices. The visit identifies how effectively the supplier meets the standard's requirements.

Certification - After a successful visit, an LRQA certificate is issued that approves a supplier at one of the three grades A, B or C - as described in the BRC standard.

Combined Assessment - Where appropriate, LRQA can combine BRC standard visits with the organisations ISO 9001 assessment.