Energy Efficiency

LRQA’s energy efficiency services help clients to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within their operations and buildings

Today’s businesses face burgeoning costs of energy consumption while being under constant pressure of reducing carbon footprint. Many manufacturing facilities and services centers are in need of solutions that can help identify and realize energy reductions. An insight into energy and carbon profile of the facility/center, along with recommended business actions to reduce them, can go a long way in addressing energy inefficiencies.

 LRQA’s energy efficiency services help clients to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions within their operations and buildings. The LRQA approach involves collaboration at all levels within the organization - at the operational level to identify improvements as well as the senior management level to secure sufficient buy-in. An integrated approach towards training to improve people’s knowledge, followed by implementing efficient management systems and improved technology ensures that the widest range of opportunities is identified. In addition, processes are put in place to ensure that there is commitment from all levels in the organization to have sustained energy savings in the long run. 

LRQA's 3 phased approach involves:

  • Identification of opportunities for energy and carbon reduction 
  • Implementation plan with an estimate of costs and resources involved and a proposed report of the resultant carbon savings 
  • Ensuring that the revisions are sustained over time and energy performance is as per expectations
  • LRQA’s 3 phased approach

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