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Carbon Development Mechanism validation is the independent evaluation of a project activity against the requirements of CDM. It is based on the project's design documentation, in particular the project's baseline, monitoring plan and compliance with relevant UNFCCC and host party criteria, to establish whether tradable credits are generated. In order to register for this scheme, all CDM projects must undergo a validation.


The EU ETS is the largest multi-national regulated emissions trading scheme in the world

Gold Standard

The Gold Standard (GS) is an independent certification standard for carbon credits generated from Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects or Voluntary Emissions Reduction (VER) projects.

ISO 14064

Increasing numbers of organisations are voluntarily monitoring their greenhouse gas emissions. ISO 14064 is an international standard that provides a framework for greenhouse gas accounting and verification.

SA 8000

Developed by Social Accountability International (SAI), SA8000 is an assessment and certification standard based on international human rights conventions that focus on improving working conditions.


The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) provides a trustworthy, robust global standard for voluntary carbon offsets.